How To Securely Print a Document in an HP Printer?

Talking about HP printer and hp printer cartridges, many people would said Laserjet P3015 and CE255A/55A Compatible Toner Cartridges. After we choose good quality HP CF226X, we also know to how to securely print a document.

Remember the news regarding the tech blogger by the name Adam Howard and how discovered that there are more than 86,800 HP printers that can be easily accessed through a “quick, well crafted Google search” he made. The news itself was bothering but HP had always been encouraging its users and customers to protect their printer through placing firewalls, passwords and providing network credentials only to their trusted parties, to avoid such occurrences.

But how can you exactly be sure that you have done the proper measures to be sure that you have securely printed a document in your HP printer? Well, below are the steps, or rather general process, on how to securely print a document in your HP printer as provided by ENX Magazine.

How To Securely Print a Document in an HP Printer

Step 1 – On the file menu, click “Print.”
Step 2 – Click “Properties”, and then click on the “Destination” tab.
Step 3 – Under “Destination” features, select “Job Retention” and then click on “Options”.
Step 4 – Under the “Job Retention Mode”, select “Print Job”.
Step 5 – Enter your name, assign a name to the print job, and then enter your 4 digit pin code.
Step 6 – Go to printer, select job and enter pin code.
These procedures are basically given to make sure that end-users can print securely. On the other hand though, there are still many threats that can penetrate the system and put your document system at risk, so as suggested, the companies which uses network printers should be able to monitor and manage their printing environment by simply protecting their documents, protecting the information such as encrypting print jobs or using embedded security (IPSec) to protect the datas being shared over the cloud. It is also prudent to“use a lock that requires a key to remove the lock and the printer”and“control access to the device by requiring authentication and authorization for access to device settings and functions.”

Compatible HP Toners for HP Laser Printers

Laser printers are very in demand when it comes to working environment, but keeping them running smoothly might cost you a budget especially when it comes to their printer consumables, the laser hp 30a cartridge. These goes to all laser printers even to those who use Hewlett-Packard laser printers. Users sometimes have a hard time in budgeting their office supplies finances since hp toners costs a lot especially OEMs, that’s why many LaserJet Pro MFP M26a printer users opt to find alternatives when it comes to buying hp replacement cartridges for their office printers.

One of these alternative replacement cartridges is what you call compatible hp toners. Compatible hp cf230a toner are manufactured by third-party companies to work and produce the same output, quality and page yield as original hp toners do. These compatible hp toners are produced to meet or exceed the performance of OEM toner cartridges but are offered at a more reasonable price. The standard page capacity and print quality is comparable to original brand name cartridges. The only difference is you pay less when you purchase your toner cartridges, making them a great alternative for those who wants to save on their printing expenses. Mostly, these alternative compatible hp toner cartridges cost 40 to 50% lower than OEM toner cartridges, offering HP printer users a cost-effective option, and the chance for businesses to save on their printing expenses.

But as I said earlier, these compatible hp toner cartridges are manufactured by third-party company not Hewlett Packard itself so it would be be prudent for you to pick a reliable printer supplies retailer when purchasing one. This is to ensure that the product itself is of high-quality and won’t cause any damage to your HP laser printer or MFP.

Our extensive line of compatible toners for your HP printer include replacement for HP black toners, HP color toners and HP MICR toners. Our compatible inkjet cartridges cover most HP printer models. When it comes to printer imaging supplies for your HP printer, V4ink is your one-stop shop as we also provide compatible and replacement drum units, fuser kits, maintenance kits and transfer kits.

Causes and Treatments of Abnormal Noise on Reproducible Compatible Toner Cartridges

Printing device drive gear worn, loose or not lubricated. The reason is that due to the long-term operation of the driving wheel of the printing apparatus, wear, looseness, or non-lubrication is caused, resulting in a mismatch between the gear and the gear, between the driving wheel and the cartridge, and an abnormal sound occurs. Treatment method: tighten the gear or replace it. If it is not lubricated, add solid lubricant to some gears.

Improper fitting of internal components of the drum assembly causes the resistance during the operation of the drum assembly to be greater than the driving resistance of the printing device, resulting in abnormal noise. Judgment method: Put the handle on the gear end of the hp cf230a, and push it in the direction of the protective cover to check if the resistance of the cartridge is normal. In addition to the drum assembly of the Samsung series, it can be easily pushed.

Improper Assembly of Drum Assembly Causes the Drum to Fail to Operate. Due to the assembly error of the drum assembly, the drum assembly may not operate normally or the resistance during the operation exceeds the driving resistance of the printing apparatus, causing an abnormal sound. Judgment method: Put the handle on the gear end of the toner hp cf217a, and push it in the direction of the protective cover to check if the resistance of the cartridge is normal. In addition to the drum assembly of the Samsung series, it can be easily pushed.

Drum Assembly Elastic compression springs or tension springs are installed incorrectly, fall off, or aged. During drum assembly operation, the resistance or tension between the silo and the waste toner box is too small, and the gears of the drum assembly are in poor contact, causing abnormal noises. Judgment method: Check whether the elastic compression spring or tension spring at the joint between the drum unit and the waste toner box is installed correctly. Push the powder bin and the waste toner bin by hand to see if the spring is aging. Replace the spring or install it. OK spring.

Business Printers - Dos and Don'ts

As we all know every business needs to print documents, but the range of printers that are available can turn choosing and using a printer into quite a daunting task.Fortunately, once you learn the basics, you’ll be able to get the most value from your business printer. Just follow our dos and do not things, If follow those rules, not only can improve the printing quality, but also can not extend the life of printer. At the same time, printer cartridge is an important part of printer. So we also need maintain the hp cf230x during usage.

Do know your printers
Most printer owners have to choose between inkjet and laser printers.
Both of these use printer hp 30x toner that have to be replaced from time to time, and many of them print faster than 40 pages per minute (40 ppm). This is the minimum speed that most businesses require. Inkjet printers are suitable for printing photos, diagrams and other detailed images because they produce a crisp, clear printed product. However, some models consume a lot of ink in the process. Laser printers are ideal for printing documents. They tend to be faster (printing more pages per minute than inkjet printers) and are often more cost-effective because their toner cartridges last longer.

Do not choose a printer that costs too much in the long run
Cost-effective document printing is a priority for most companies, and until recently the cost-effectiveness of laser printers couldn’t be matched by their inkjet rivals. However, that may be changing. It is essential to compare the cost of printers and their replacement cartridges before you buy – we are on hand to assist you with this as always.

Do get the most value out of your printer
Finally, once you have your printer up and running, here are some hints for using it economically:
Preview before you print ,this will help you avoid wasted pages with poor formatting. Stick to black and white , colour printing always uses more ink and isn’t always necessary. Use your printer’s cleaning function, this will keep printer heads clean and improve toner consumption.

The HP toner cartridge replacement methods and precautions

As an important part of the laser printer, HP toner cartridge rated life of 6000 to 10000 in general. When you find the printed image light, uneven shades, and non-transfer corona electrode and toner and other causes, it is the end of life HP toner cartridge should be replaced. The following on the commonly used toner hp cf217a, for example, to introduce HP toner cartridge replacement method:

First of all, to cut off the power of the printer, remove the cartridge from the printer, and then use the diagonal pliers to clamp the side of the metal pin, Be careful to pull out (or nail the metal pin into the cartridge, the metal pin can be removed after opening the cartridge), the two sides of the metal pin can be pulled out after the cartridge is divided into two parts, a light blue photosensitive selenium One is the collecting part of the waste toner, while the one with the magnet roller is the feeding part.

And then unscrew the part of the magnetic roller without gear on the side of the powder supply. After the plastic shell is removed, a plastic cover can be seen, the plastic cover is opened, the toner inside the toner cartridge and the magnetic roller are all cleaned, Be sure to clean up all the remaining toner, the best vacuum cleaner net. Then the magnet roller just installed in the reverse order, this time the force should hold the magnet roller, to prevent the magnet roller from the place. Shake the toner and slowly poured into the powder storage bin, a good plastic cover and plastic shell should pay attention to the semicircle on the end of the magnetic roller shaft and semicircular hole on the plastic shell is good. Gently turn the magnet roller side of the gear a few times, the toner evenly.

Now it's the most important step - replace the new HP toner cartridge. The waste toner collection part fixed HP toner cartridge fixed pin pulled out with a diagonal pliers, Note: You can not nail the fixing pin into the cartridge, pull out the fixed pin after the old HP cartridge removed, and then, the waste toner collection part The waste toner clean up. By disassembly in reverse order to put a new HP toner cartridge, HP toner cartridge installation should pay attention to is about the points, there will be gears on the side butt groove fitted. Then fix the pin to fix the HP toner cartridge. Buy a new HP toner cartridge with a black anti-exposure seal, do not tear before installation, to prevent exposure, to be installed before the test can be torn off. Finally, part of the powder supply and waste toner collected by the location of the recovery installation, restore the metal card pin on both sides, you can start printing.

How to repair the HP toner cartridge?

Drum life refers to the amount of paper the print cartridge can print on. The larger the amount of printable paper, the longer the cartridge life. Drum length of life is determined by the drum. For small and medium-sized office users who are facing a daunting print job, they should be willing to pay more for higher monthly print loads (over 10,000 pages) and long-life cartridges (up to 20,000 pages) - both of which are higher The reliability of the models are generally more prominent, or moving cardboard and even "lying fossa," frequent replacement of the cartridge will greatly reduce printing efficiency, increase maintenance and overall printing costs

Remedy with chemical reagents HP CF500A toner cartridge for a long time to use, the output of the text, the image will be blurred, the end of the gray and glyphs become longer and longer, the reason is generally HP photosensitive surface of the drum cartridge aging, surface Potential drop, the residual voltage increases. Encounter this situation, it is generally considered only replace the HP toner cartridge. In actual fact, the maintenance practice tells us that in such cases, the following methods can also be used to repair: To the chemical reagents store to buy some chromium oxide, each take 3-5 grams, with cotton wool dipped in some trioxide Two chrome, down the direction of the HP toner cartridge axis, gently, evenly, without any omission to wipe it again. Use extreme care when wiping to prevent fingernail and other hard objects from scratching HP's print cartridge. Can not be over-exerted, to prevent the HP cartridge worn out.

HP print cartridge scrapped. In this way, you can get rid of the surface of the tired HP toner cartridge, exposing the photosensitive surface has not yet aging, after the above repair HP toner cartridge, in general, can be re-exported a thousand or two thousandth of the paper, so that HP CF510A life can be extended, may wish A try. However, if the photosensitive drum on the HP toner film has come off, this method can not be repaired, only to replace the new drum. In addition, in order to prevent the fatigue of the photosensitive material of HP toner cartridge, if the conditions of the user, you can use two drum rotation, HP toner cartridge will not use wrapped in black paper, placed in the shade, after a period of recovery Work, so take turns using HP toner cartridges, not only to ensure print quality, but also extend the life of HP toner cartridges.

Remember those suggestions of keeping cartridge

Speaking of printing supplies, the toner cartridge is the first part we will think. According to our survey, the CF230A Toner Cartridges is the most popular cartridge among users. So the way of keep cartridge becomes a very important point. If you have any interest, we will introduce some suggestions for you. Daily office supplies have a printer, laser printer consumes equipment is the toner cartridge, toner cartridge installation, cleaning, replacement, the use of the process should pay attention to some common sense, to avoid damage to the toner cartridge.

We provide the following suggestions for your reference:
1, to avoid the use of high temperature, high humidity, alpine environment or storage, to avoid prolonged exposure to light;
2, when the toner cartridge is not in use, do not tear the black bag, do not just open the drum cartridge on the drum, so as not to scratch the drum core or by light irradiation and drum core scrapped;
3, do not touch the drum core or drum core with your hands, drum core rotation should pay attention to the direction, if the rotation direction is wrong, will damage the parts caused by print leakage or print smudges;
4, the cartridge before use do not tear open the seal, otherwise the toner easily damp agglomeration, resulting in printing pale;
5, replace the toner cartridge, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth to clean the printer residual toner or confetti, avoid blowing toner inside;
6, the new toner cartridge on the front of the machine should hold the handle to shake 4-5 times in the horizontal direction, so that the toner loose and evenly distributed, and then pull out the seal, which will help print uniform color;
7, choose to print paper, do not use wrinkles, missing or too thick incision, excellent print media, or it will affect the print quality and shorten the life of photosensitive drum;
8, in the correct direction of the cartridge into the appropriate laser printer. Do not open the drum lens hood and touch the drum surface. Do not rotate the drum.