Something about toner cartridge in our market

According to the statistics, at present, the total number of all kinds of laser printers in our country is about 18 million sets, 72 million printer toner cartridges are consumed each year, and the national annual cost is about 50 billion yuan (measured by the international printer manufacturers' product prices). Such a huge cartridge market but there are many unknown secret. Foreign brand price high, fake and shoddy rampant


At present, there are two types of toner hp cf217a on the market in China. First, the so-called "original" products produced by foreign printer manufacturers are in a monopoly position in China's toner cartridge market, accounting for about 40% of the total finished products in the market. These manufacturers take the "cheap printer, selling high-priced supplies," the market strategy to occupy the market, making the original cartridge prices have been high, described as "affordable lamp, can not afford foreign oil," the money can buy two cartridge A printer, domestic users are helpless; Second, fake and shoddy products, the number of its market is difficult to estimate, once occupy more than 50% share of the domestic market. Some unscrupulous vendors tempted by huge profits, often using cheap and poor quality parts and raw materials to manufacture counterfeit cartridges as the original cartridge sales to users, deceive users. Such products not only poor quality, but also endanger the health of users, damage to the printer, allowing users to waste big money.


"Powder filling" comparable to "drug addiction," seriously endangering health. In response to foreign high-priced original cartridge products, a considerable part of the user to take the "powder filling" approach, "a newspaper, a screwdriver," "powder filling" operation, often leading to the filling of the toner overflowing to the office Environment, users unwittingly "drug abuse." According to foreign authorities testing reports, the toner particles only 5-15μm, the body inhaled, easily lead to respiratory and blood diseases, and may even cause cancer, CCTV "Today's Saying" and "Safety and Law" are related reports. The use of "powder powder" after the cartridge because there is no professional and technical support, resulting in reduced number of pages printed, print quality, but also damage to the printer, the cost goes up.

Are you totally understand each parts function of power supply when we use the toner cartridge?

When we use the printer that we should understand how to replace the printer toner even learn how to refill the toner cartridge. In order to make our work more easy that we should understand each parts of power supply clearly. Let us talk about the part of function of power supply as below:

Magnetic roller spacer: Each end of the magnet roller is equipped with one magnetic roller spacer, its role is to control the toner beating gap between the drum and magnetic.

Permanent magnetic core: permanent magnetic core is made of ferrite, it is installed in the magnetic roller sleeve, it is fixed in the middle of the aluminum sleeve and it can’t rotating. When the magnetic roller sleeve carrying toner rotates to the "N" pole of the permanent core, the toner is magnetized to form a toner cloud.

Developing Bias Contact: Provides developing voltage to the magnet roller through the biasing electrode.

Magnetic roller sleeve: Magnetic roller is an important part of the toner carrying, aluminum sleeve surface sprayed with graphite to increase the magnetic roller surface tension, it is better carrying toner, and it will also conducive to toner adsorption to the drum surface.

Bracket: it is support magnetic roller at both ends.

Magnetic roller gear: bite with the drum with the ministry of rotation.

Seal: easy to storage toner powder, we should pull out the seal before use.

Bias Electrode: There are two functions: one is to apply a developing bias to the magnet roller through it, and the other function is to fix the "N" pole of the permanent magnetic core at the position tangential to the photoconductive drum.

Powder cover: injection port seal cover.

Sealing Felt: Seal both ends of the magnet roller to prevent toner from spilling over both sides of the magnet roller and prevent contaminating the printer.

Agitator gear: Rotate the agitator to stir and push the toner.

Magnetic roller scraper: Magnetic roller scraper is made of urea formaldehyde resin, the use of it with the friction force of the magnetic roller so that the toner evenly added to the magnetic roller surface will not cause excessive toner, and it will keep from other impurities isolated.

Toner bin: a place to store the toner.

Transmission gear: Power train for the various components of the powder warehouse

Bunker head: fixed bunker parts, and connected the imaging part.

As above introduction, we can use a sample Brother toner cartridge brother tn 433 to understand each parts.

After introducing the structure of the toner cartridge, I believe we have a basic understanding of the components and functions of the toner cartridge.

Why you should recycle used printer cartridge?

Drum is a copier part, was a thin cylinder, the surface covered with toner. Function similar to the printer cartridge.The most crucial part of a good laser printer is the toner cartridge, also known as a photo conductor drum. It not only determines the quality of the print, but also determines how much money the user spends in the process of using it.

Every year, millions of used printer cartridge end up in landfills where they add to already rampant pollution. Furthermore, these cartridges are not biodegradable and can take decades to break down. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, with another cartridge disposal option freely available: recycling.

It’s the Right Thing to do. Although cartridges can and should be reused, the time will eventually come when you have to dispose of it and this is where the problem lies, as many people choose to simply throw it in the trash. It’s no exaggeration to say that doing this is the absolute worst approach in respect of both your finances and the environment at large, with many different companies and stores offering recycling facilities for printer cartridges, while some even offer a financial incentive for every cartridge recycled.

However, even if there is no recycling facility near you that is willing to pay you for your CF230A Toner Cartridges, recycling for free is still undoubtedly the right thing to do. This is seen as remanufacturing a cartridge, and uses up to 80% less energy than making a new one. HP’s recycling program alone boasts that it has kept the equivalent of 2.5 billion plastic bottles out of landfills since the program’s implementation in 1991. If that is not reason enough for you, there is also the added benefit that remanufactured cartridges are often less expensive than their newly made alternatives. Saving the planet will ultimately be done through a series of small cumulative steps made by individuals, as opposed to sweeping reform, with the recycling of printer cartridges as good a place to start as any.

How to improve customer’s buying desires?

For printer cartridge, even if the customer has a certain desire to buy, if it is not urgent need for the product, like one cf230a, still will not make the purchase decision, so the sales staff need to take the initiative to seize the opportunity to use the appropriate technology cleverly, successfully stimulate the customer's desire to buy. Weakening the price of the policy in the purchase of products, the most customers consider the factors in addition to the quality of the product itself, often on the high price of the product and scared.

Specifically, the following two ways can be used: "Like" method of purchase: a small amount of the price in a similar form, into a specific life of the customer the necessary number of expenses, and its customers must buy other products equivalent, which in the heart to promote customer acceptance, such as "the laptop price of 6,000 yuan, at least 5 years, then only need to spend 1,200 yuan per, A month is 100 yuan, equivalent to every month and friends gather or buy a dress. This once again reduces the pressure on the price of the product."Less Buy" way to buy: the content and "as" way there is no big difference, but will cause great psychological trauma to customers, such as "the cartridge price of 6,000 yuan, at least use 5 years, then only need to spend 1,200 yuan a year, 100 yuan per month, just like buying a little clothes, no longer go to Internet cafes. Sales staff can take advantage of certain opportunities to describe to customers the potential benefits of not buying products, which can enhance their persuasiveness if they can be based on actual numbers and events.

Using Human Weaknesses Everyone wants to spend less, make more money, be different and be respected, all of which can be a feature that can be leveraged for sales.Spend less and sales staff can promotional, discounts, holiday offers, gift supplies, so that customers spend less to stimulate the desire to buy.

How to solve the printer cartridges jammed?

Among the total failure of the laser printer, there is a failure is the highest probability of occurrence, that is, the paper jam. Do not underestimate this simple cardboard, many of my friends tend to underestimate this small problem, but eventually get over worthless, serious will damage the laser printer. Jam is a common failure in printing, here we talk about how to deal with the problem of the printer paper jam.


First, the paper problem. A wide range of paper on the market, uneven quality. The paper has fiber or paper adhesion together; the paper is too thin, the weight does not meet the requirement; the paper is curly and irregular; the wrong way to load the paper, these will all have the paper jam phenomenon and will seriously damage the print cartridge. Paper and the right paper.


Second, foreign body blocked

It is a matter of course that there is a foreign body jam in the printer. If there is foreign body, it must be excluded, be sure to turn off the power before removing, and then carefully clean out the foreign body.


Third, the printer sensor failure

In the process of feeding the sensor itself damaged, was dirty toner, dust or paper chips dirty sensor, it will constitute the printer does not work, it will be in the jam situation. In this case, you should first look at the paper feed and discharge check the sensor is not damaged. If found damaged, can only be replaced or repaired. Therefore, we must choose high-quality professional toner, it is best to use the original toner.


Fourth, take the stick wear.

Take the paper stick is the most vulnerable parts of the printer. When the paper in the paper tray is normal, but can not pick up the paper, it is often the pickup roller wear or spring loose, the pressure can not not be fed into the machine paper. Take-up roller wear, temporarily unable to replace the rubber band around the method of emergency treatment. Surrounded rubber band, an increase of pickup friction, will be able to feed paper recovery normal.


Through the above, we should know that the cause of the paper jam is improper use or parts damage, so the printer still have to choose a good cf230a, high quality paper and regular maintenance, cleaning the various components.

Why many people do not purchase domestic toners ?

About the toner cartridge, many people will doubt why many domestic consumers prefer to be cheated to buy a lower cost of imitation of the original cartridges are not buying domestic brands. What cause this result on earth?

The vast majority of consumables manufacturers use low-cost sales of printers, high-priced sales of printer supplies. This is not a secret, and the original supplies manufacturers use technical barriers to make the majority of users to buy a printer, but can not afford the printer. This is what has come to it. However, the original cartridge and domestic cartridge really like the above article on these gaps? Even the same print effect?

Then we look at the following data:Third-party testing agencies at home and abroad for the original supplies and compatible consumables comparison test results also show that the original cartridge in the reliability, print quality, optical density and toner adhesion was significantly better than the compatible cartridge. Prior to the hp cf230x toner and non-original cartridge contrast survey showed that HP original cartridge without a malfunction, rather than the original cartridge failure rate as high as 68.3%. Among them, 11.3% was damaged on arrival (DOA), 52.5% of the print quality is poor (LQ). Non-original toner cartridge attachment problems appear chances are seven times the original HP toner cartridge. In the three colors (light gray, dark gray, black) test, the output of non-original cartridge is also much lighter than the HP original cartridge.

The domestic cartridge failure rate as high as 68%, this shocking data undoubtedly the embarrassing situation of the domestic cartridge manufacturers, the emergence of this problem is not just a technical problem, the current state of the art cartridge and the original although the gap, but the gap Not too big either. This series of questions reflects the problem of China's basic industries. In Japan, the precision requirements of molds may need to reach 0.01, while in China, this standard is reduced to 0.1 or even 0.5, even if it is the same. Poor quality compared to others. Price caused the dilemma not only technical problems, there is the price issue. I believe we all know that many good products are sold abroad! In the field of printing supplies, domestic manufacturers are also a lot of cartridge manufacturers do the main foreign orders, and even Shenzhen, a professional manufacturer of printer supplies the main market is foreign. This phenomenon not only caused people's deep thought. .

The full use of laser printer cartridges

Because printer is common used in our office life, so many people has sum up many small tips to extend the life of the printer cartridge. But they are not necessarily useful, just hope you can have a try.

We know that the laser printer in the use of a longer period of time, print out the text, the image will appear blurred, the end of gray and so on. Even if the replacement of a new toner cartridge can not solve the problem, then we should consider the problem may be the cartridge. We know that the laser printer cartridges have a useful life: generally more than 10,000 pages, such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and so on. This phenomenon occurs when the life of the toner cartridge has expired. This is mainly due to photosensitive photosensitive drum surface aging, surface potential decreased, the residual voltage increases, affecting the imaging cartridge caused (see the first part of the print principle). Is there any way to get the cartridge back to life? I figured out that the surface of the toner cartridge was a layer of nontoxic organic compound with photoactive properties that would make it conductive when it was under light. Under the guidance of a number of chemical friends, I finally get it with Cr2O3. Method is as follows: Take 5 grams of chromium oxide, dipped in lens paper, Shun Shun cartridge carefully wipe one direction (do not wipe back and forth!) Again, to the drum surface wipe completely, do not miss. Special care should be taken when wiping: gentle, then gentle! You should also pay attention to your nails will scratch the drum tympanic membrane. Through the processing of the photosensitive drum can be re-printed thousands of the first 10,000 pages! What? You can save a lot of money, of course, this method is not necessarily valid.

For example, samsung printer cartridge because of having superior printing performance and convenient operation performance, there are a considerable number of users in the community. However, due to its expensive supplies and its use of the cartridge is very easy to fatigue, when it is tired, the cartridge surface can not be de-energized, the print media will leave a very "heavy" background color, a direct impact on the printing effect .