Terrific copies and much higher yeld

I converted to a Brother monochrome laser printer a few months ago after years of frustration with another brand's all-in-one printer that consumed huge amounts of color ink even though I printed everything in black and white.

The compatible toner cartridge that came with the Brother laser unit ran out quickly, as I was warned, and it took a while to figure out how to replace the cartridge the first time around but now it's easy. I've got the printer set for 300 dpi (and for text instead of graphics) to maximize my yield. Like others, I started to get a "low toner" warning around 1500 copies and if it weren't for seeing other Amazon reviews for other V4ink cartridges, I might have changed the cartridge shortly after getting the first warning.

However, I removed the existing cartridge, shook it a bit to assure the remaining toner was well distributed, ran the "carona wire" back and forth a couple of times and returned the printer to regular use. So far, I've printed over 1200 additional pages since the first warning and everything is still printing fine, with no lines or other problems that come when the toner actually is low. I'm watching to see how much longer the old cartridge will work, but wow, the other reviewers definitely helped by warning of this problem. It's something V4ink ought to correct.

Although we had a difficult start; to their credit they went far beyond accommodation and fixed the issue. I will continue to use them. This company also gives amazing customer service! I was pretty happy with the first toner cartridge I ordered from them, but I thought it might be a little light. They sent me another one gratis to allay my concerns. Works great. No complaints. Very, very happy with the responsiveness of the company to reviews and their willingness to make sure that I was completely satisfied. Highly recommend.

Their packaging is superior and the price is amazing. I think from now on I’ll order the cartridge supplies from them to replace the original toner cartridge for brother. Thank you very much for your services.