How to choose home printer supplies?

In recent years, with the development of printing technology and mature, the competition between the manufacturers more intense, the price of the printer products more affordable, by many home users to accept. At present, most families do not care about the purchase price of the printer, they are concerned about the printer follow-up printing supplies selection. Printer supplies quality is good or bad, cheap or not directly affect the use of home users feel.  

The current situation in the printing market is that the printer is relatively inexpensive and the price of printer supplies is high. However, such as Canon, Epson manufacturers concerned about the high price of supplies, but also for the issue launched 88 yuan 800, 29 yuan of original ink cartridges and other measures to reduce prices, but this is not enough to solve the "expensive" Status quo, home users to use is still no emboldened.  
For users who choose inkjet printers, in order to save costs, they will choose to use continuous ink supply system, the printer's post-use costs reduced to the extreme, for home users the greatest possible savings. But can not avoid a problem, the home printer in addition to the children to learn to use, most of the time to idle home, when the inkjet printer for a long time when not, there will be nozzle clogging and other issues, but bring trouble.  

In addition, many users will choose to use generic supplies. At the beginning of the user no confidence in general supplies, but in recent years, the rapid development of general supplies, and many companies attach importance to brand building and product quality, the use of environmentally friendly materials and related technology research, so its product quality and performance can be comparable with the original supplies The In the price of the product, compatible supplies also have a natural advantage.  

Printing supplies market, the competition between the manufacturers more and more obvious, but also to promote more enterprises in the product technology and quality to increase investment and build a variety of environmentally friendly high-quality supplies products. General supplies development and expansion of foreign brands to break the original printer supplies monopoly situation, but also began to make a large number of domestic enterprises and home users into the cheap low-cost printing era.

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