How to Prevent Printer Ink Cartridges Failures?

Printer ink cartridges are the heart and soul of every printer. Without them being in good working order, your print jobs will be hopelessly delayed. But ink cartridges have a tendency to develop problems, particularly when a rush job is required, and this can lead to frustration. Here are some helpful tips can reduce the common problems of ink cartridge failure.
Printer ink has to have an unobstructed flow so it can give you clear, sharp prints, both in black and in colour. If you do a lot of printing, then your cartridge ports should stay relatively clean and free-flowing due to the regular usage. But if your print jobs are few and cartridges stand idle, the ink in the ports may become dry and will block the flow of ink. Carefully wiping the cartridge head with damp cotton wool or tissue should remove any dried ink. Care must be taken that the cartridge ink heads do not get damaged in any way.
Another tip to try is to take out your ink cartridges from the printer and store them in a zip-lock bag, after you have forced out as much of the air from the bag as possible before closing it. This should help keep the ink in the printer head from drying out. Be sure to cover the printer head with tape before storing in the bag, to prevent any ink from leaking out whenever the bag is handled or moved around. Follow the instructions with your brand of printer regarding aligning the print heads when re-installing them before your next print run. This will ensure that your ink cartridge will work correctly and give you the best possible printing.
Using printer ink cartridges from the same brand as your printer, is the most reliable way to ensure no ink cartridge failures happen, as the OEM ink cartridges have been designed to work the best with your printer. Unfortunately, OEM ink cartridges are usually very expensive. A less expensive alternative would be to buy remanufactured ink cartridges that are compatible with your brand of printer. Several reliable companies offer these cartridges at much lower prices. Though the prices are lower, the quality is still at a high level.
Whenever you have to remove or change the printer ink cartridges, be very careful that the ink head doesn’t strike any hard or sharp surfaces, as this can cause irreparable damage that will lead to ink cartridge failure. These tips should help you to reduce and eliminate any canon ink cartridges failures and ensure trouble-free printing.