Disassembly and filling of toner cartridges

Now the image of the printer can be described as everywhere, here I would like to teach you the skills of filling powder and tn660 toner disassembly and filling powder matters needing attention.
Integral cartridge disassembly
One type of hp toner cartridges contains the consumable parts, especially the photosensitive toner, the magnetic roller is very easy to damage, in the disassembly process to be particularly careful. Pay special attention to the following questions:
1, photosensitive toner: photosensitive toner surface coating can easily be bumped, scratched, and vulnerable to light damage. Improper handling is likely to make a good photosensitive toner in the instant combination of its normal life, so in the folding process, not only to avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid prolonged exposure to fluorescent light, in addition to yellow light The toner will be damaged. It is forbidden to touch the surface of the toner in a hard object, and it is forbidden to touch the print area of the hp toner cartridges directly by hand so as to avoid perspiration and oil pollution.
2, magnetic roller: magnetic roller black coating is the most easily scratched, magnetic roller is composed of aluminum and magnetic core, due to the role of the core, some small metal parts are easily adsorbed to the surface of the magnet, in the Relative to the process of moving, the magnetic sleeve coating will be crossed off. Also in the folding process, the magnetic roller is also easy to be adsorbed to the surrounding metal parts, resulting in accidental coating damage. The absence of a black coating creates a lack of text or pattern on the print. So the disassembly, the magnetic roller to stabilize, can not be placed with the room, to place away from other metal parts, to avoid hard bruises.
3, the electrical contact: all the cartridge in the photosensitive toner, magnetic roller, charging roller and the machine are connected with the electrical contact points, in the assembly to pay attention to the electrical contact at the cleaning and connectivity.
4, positioning problems: each part has its own fixed position, by spring or screw positioning, and the powder warehouse and waste silo two parts by plastic clip, screw or connecting the axis positioning. Assembly parts must be installed in place, so that the normal box to the machine.
5, try to make the use of the cartridge in the machine, the photosensitive toner, charging roller, magnetic roller is rotating, after the assembly of these accessories, to promote the drive gear, check whether the flexible rotation. When the cartridge is finished, push the toner gear again in the direction of normal rotation of the toner to ensure that the toner can be rotated flexibly before the cartridge can be dropped, otherwise it will damage the machine.