How to clean the toner cartridges remaining waste toner?

The toner will slowly reduce until run out after a period of times, most people will choose to continue to add toner after use, It is not really the toner is completely used up. Like a remote control car battery, although the car can not move but the battery is still used in the remote control. In fact, the cartridge is the same reason. So the toner cartridge in the powder to pay special attention to clean up. If you do not clean up, add the toner and the original carbon powder may be incompatible and the formation of massive solid.
The cartridge on the dell toner residue cleaning the specific method to clean the toner cartridges residual waste of old toner is divided into two parts.
First, the cleaning of the toner cartridge
When cleaning the cartridge, the first thing to do is clean the waste toner box and the toner in the cheap toner cartridges, and then use the brush to brush away the toner remaining on the edge of the toner cartridge. Of course, in the brush can not clean up the place can use a hair dryer to clean up the waste toner.
It should be noted that: the hair dryer blowing toner cartridge at the bottom of the toner residue, there will be a lot of toner dust fly out to prevent other equipment contamination, the operation should be carried out as far as possible outside.
After the dell toner inside the toner cartridge is clean, the toner around the toner cartridge also needs to be cleaned.
Second, the charge roller, magnetic roller cleaning.
After the cleaning of the waste toner in the toner cartridge and the waste toner box, the cleaning of the waste powder on the charging roller and the magnet roller is carried out. The specific method is as follows:
1, clean the charging roller and magnetic roller, we must first find the charging roller and magnetic roller fixing screws, screwdriver with a screwdriver. Carefully remove the charging roller from the magnet roller from the drum. Most of the charging roller at both ends with a plastic gear, wipe the front end of the charge roller before removing the gear.
2, clean up with cotton or soft cloth on the charge roller to clean up the waste powder. After cleaning, put the charging roller back into the drum cartridge and twist the screws at both ends.
Charging roller and drum from the drum core is very close to the drum core surface has a special coating, the coating once damaged will affect the subsequent print results. So do not use a screwdriver to contact the drum core when removing these two parts.