How to protect the photosensitive drum?

In the all-in-one machine, the photosensitive drum can be regarded as a more expensive supplies, and in order to reduce the use of one machine costs, it is necessary to hit the attention of the drum. And the photosensitive drum on the machine's final output effect has a great impact, in order to get the desired output, the photosensitive drum care is necessary. Some people may say that the drum is located in one body of the fuselage, the user how to protect him? No hurry, the author said here care, mainly refers to when the user from the one machine to remove the toner cartridge when the protection of the photosensitive drum.


As the toner cartridge on the working environment of the higher requirements, if it is a long time by the sun, then it may affect the final print results, and even affect the life of the toner cartridge. Therefore, in the one machine need to replace the toner or check the fault need to take out the toner cartridge, we must avoid the photosensitive drum on the sun direct exposure, can not be placed in the indoor light for more than ten minutes; also need to brother toner cartridge box on a clean, smooth surface, and to avoid touching the photosensitive drum by hand, because the fat on the finger often will permanently damage its surface and will directly affect the output effect. Also in the replacement of toner, but also in time to waste powder collection warehouse in the waste powder clean up, because the waste powder accumulation too much, the output of the document will appear pitting phenomenon, serious words can damage the drum.


We can see the machine as a fax, print, scan and other functional modules in a machine within the solid office equipment, so one machine on the working environment requirements should be with the scanner, fax machine and printer these devices are The same. In addition to the scanner, fax machines and printer cleaning requirements to maintain the one machine, we should also pay special attention to protect the optical imaging part of the machine, because one of the optical imaging part of the most sophisticated design, optical lens or reflective lens A slight change in position will affect the quality of CCD imaging, and even may not receive CCD image signal. And one machine in the copy work, the light from the lamp to the CCD after receiving the glass plate and a number of reflective lenses and lenses, any part of the dust or other tiny impurities will change the intensity of reflected light, so Affect the effect of copying. Therefore, the cleaning of the working environment and the protection of the optical imaging part is an important prerequisite for ensuring the quality of the document. When cleaning the all-in-one, you can wipe the dust from the shell with a soft cloth and clean it carefully with a detergent and water. Then we cleaned the glass plate, because the panel is clean or not directly related to the copy quality, so we clean the panel, first with a glass cleaner to wipe it again, then use a soft cloth to dry it net. After use, be sure to use a dust cover to cover the one machine up to prevent more dust to attack.