How to choose compatible ink?

In order to improve the recycling rate of the ink cartridges arranged in the inkjet printer and to reduce the printing cost of the ink jet printer, it is usually possible to add some ink for the inkjet printer in the ink cartridge. By analyzing the ink container composition of the printer and the actual Application, it is found that ordinary ink can be used in this cartridge (without carbon ink), not only the printing effect is ideal, and never clogged. The same time as.


The ink cartridge is mainly composed of ink jet head, ink channel and sponge pad. Wherein the ink jet head ejects the ink sent from the ink supply path onto the paper to form a character, and the ink supply path mainly supplies the ink required for the ink jet head, and the sponge pad is used for storing the ink and adsorbing the precipitate. In the printing process, the dell ink inside the ink tank first to penetrate the sponge pad way into the conveyor channel, and then used by the inkjet head. Since the molecular weight of the ordinary pen ink is smaller than the molecular diameter of the tn660 toner, it is not possible to form the phenomenon of blocking the ink supply passage and the ink jet head when printing with these ordinary pen inks.


Poor quality ink will cause damage to the printer, speed up the nozzle silicon wafer ablation, grinding coarse nozzle aperture, resulting in harder particles coagulation, damage to the ink cartridges; chemical composition of inappropriate ink, will corrode the printer nozzle cleaning pump nozzle unit ; The use of low viscosity of the ink, will cause a lot of ink inhaled into the ink, easily lead to printer pollution (pollution after cleaning difficult, the average family is difficult to deal with). After the pollution may also cause the circuit short circuit, damage the printer power supply hardware.


Powder regeneration process can be divided into simple regeneration and long life regeneration. Simple regeneration is also the process of adding powder, but than the simple powder is also a fundamental difference, because every time before adding powder, must be open the entire powder box to clean and test and replace the aging parts, and finally Plus toner. Another long-life regeneration that is replaced by long-life OPC drum core, so you can repeatedly powder several times. Such as HP4L laser machine, which is used to model HP92274A, the original drum can print 3000 sheets of paper (5% coverage), 3000 after the powder box on the scrapped. But for a long life photosensitive drum, the photosensitive drum life of up to 12,000 sheets of paper, that can be used as four original drums, in terms of quality and original powder box is almost the same, but the price is the original powder One or a quarter of the box.