Learn to master some of the general maintenance

Today, our factory purchased a number of laser printers, and the printer's ink is brother tn450 toner cartridge from V4ink , which is 100% new compatible laser toner that guarantees or meets the print quality of the OEM (genuine equipment manufacturer) Brother laser cartridge. Usually when we use the printer, many of us do not know if there is no difference between the drum and ink cartridges, so today I want to share with you the difference between the drum and ink cartridge. The drum is used by the laser printer, which uses toner to print; the toner cartridges is used by the inkjet printer, which uses ink, and the product range is not the same. The laser printer is imaged by a laser; the inkjet printer is imaged by ink. Imaging principle is not the same. The drum are added powder, ink cartridges are filled with ink.

About the use of common sense of the drum, need avoid use or storage in the environment of high temperature, high humidity and heavy cold; need avoid prolonged exposure to light; The drum should not tear the black bag if you not be used, do not open the photosensitive drum casually . The drum should not tear the seal before using , otherwise the toner is easy to tide agglomeration, and result in print color; When replacing the cartridge, you had better to use a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth cleaning. The drum on the new machine should hold the handle before shaking in the horizontal direction 4-5 times, so that the toner loose and evenly distributed, and then will be near to the toner cartridges. When choosing to print paper, do not use wrinkles and incision that is not too thick or too thick, too hard and so on the print media, otherwise will affect print quality and shorten the life of the drum.

To many users of laser printer , there is no lack of the master of use and maintenance, but most of them will only use the general, and the daily maintenance is not very clear. So, not only the life of the laser printer is affected, but also on one can solve the problem when some small questions appears. so we need master some of the general maintenance of laser printers, in order to extend the life of the printer.