How to Replace the drum cartridge?

With the diversification of business user office needs, print, copy, scan and many other functions of the printer is increasingly favored. As the core of the laser machine, the rated life of the drum is generally in the 6000-10000 or so, after long-term use, when you find the output of the manuscript image is light, there are serious stripe stripe, even if you no matter how maintenance repair of the time, the life of the drum is really the end, then you need to be replaced.

First, turn off the printer power to remove the cartridge, and then clamp the side of the metal pin with forceps, carefully pulled out (or directly to the pin nail into the open and then remove the cartridge), under normal circumstances, then we can find the cartridge brother tn450 can be divided into two parts, with a magnetic roller is part of the powder, and a photosensitive selenium is the waste powder collection part.

Look at the powder supply part of the first roller on the side of the magnetic roller screw off, open the plastic cover, and then the cheap toner cartridges
and the magnetic roller on all the soft brush with a clean brush. And then re-installed the magnetic roller, forced to prevent the magnetic roller from the original position. At this times you can install the toner, and shake the toner slowly after pouring into the powder warehouse, the good parts of the magnetic roller fixed, and finally should gently turn the magnetic roller at one end of the gear ring to facilitate the carbon Powder evenly attached.

Let's take a look at the collection section. In this section we have to do is replace the new drums. Use the same method to set the pin out, remove the drum, and then clean up the waste powder waste part of the waste (to be as clean as possible to avoid the impact of the new drum print quality), this time, we can install a new drum The. Installation should pay attention to the photosensitive drums are usually about the points, put the gear with one end of the docking installed, just set the fixed pin with a good photosensitive drum. The new photosensitive drums generally have an ink-proof anti-exposure seal, do not tear off before installation to prevent exposure, installation check before they can be torn off. In this way, the powder supply part and the collection part are made separately, and finally as long as the two parts by the opening of the situation when the installation of recovery, plug the fixed card pin, the replacement work will be completed.

In the replacement process, if the toner falls outside the printer, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb, and then scrub with pure alcohol again. Moreover, the entire replacement process is best carried out in the darker studio, to prevent the photosensitive drum exposure. And for the replacement of one cartridge, can be described as very simple, as long as the entire cartridge can be replaced by a set of replacement, save a lot of trouble, but remember to mix the best before the toner shake. Also remind you that the drum is usually not open when the period is valid for two and a half years, but once the closure of the validity period is only 6 months, the user should pay attention to use within the validity period to ensure print quality.