Why domestic drums will be so popular?

In the market, domestic cartridges are supported by the consumers. Why domestic drums will be so popular? We all know, the printer supplies market has been occupied by Japan, the United States and other developed countries. In order to obtain high profits, they used a low-cost sales of printers, high-priced sale of supplies strategy. Before the rise of domestic supplies has not yet. China on the light consumption in this area have reached tens of billions of yuan. Such a huge income in the industry leading printing supplies manufacturers of course will not let go. They have improve technical barriers, while the use of patents to suppress the domestic cartridge manufacturers.


But with the rise of domestic manufacturers of brother tn450 toner cartridge, original supplies manufacturers have to compromise. HP recently launched the "supplies are the energy of the country line" also illustrates this point. This also shows that competition is a good thing for consumers. At least the ultimate consumer benefit
Why domestic toner cartridges in the market so popular?

1. cost-effective
General print 2000 original supplies are basically need 400 yuan. While the domestic supplies only need more than 100 yuan, but also enjoy the professional and technical personnel services, cost-effective than the original supplies very much. But the choice of domestic hp 201x toner cartridge are also know-how, domestic cartridges bad rate statistics by more than 67%. And Hengge toner cartridges in the market first commitment to black drum bad rate of 6 per thousand, drums non-performing rate of three percent. For the vast number of consumers to provide a guarantee! 

2. Technology has been improving
Original cartridges in addition to the recent increase in the number of cartridges to increase the chip, the new supplies are little new contribution. And domestic supplies manufacturers not only launched even for the cartridge, easy to add toner cartridges, biological cartridges, environmental protection supplies, and other new products. Is really a benefit for the consumer business. Although the domestic manufacturers of the current level of technology is not as big as international companies. But this aspect and China's basic industries, on the one hand the market price decision

3. Print supplies are damaged
Original cartridge manufacturers have been propagating that the use of domestic cartridges will damage the printer. But the vast majority of consumers understand that the printer supplies damage to the printer is almost minimal. And most of the printer failure is actually caused by the poor quality of the printer.