The full use of laser printer cartridges

Because printer is common used in our office life, so many people has sum up many small tips to extend the life of the printer cartridge. But they are not necessarily useful, just hope you can have a try.

We know that the laser printer in the use of a longer period of time, print out the text, the image will appear blurred, the end of gray and so on. Even if the replacement of a new toner cartridge can not solve the problem, then we should consider the problem may be the cartridge. We know that the laser printer cartridges have a useful life: generally more than 10,000 pages, such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and so on. This phenomenon occurs when the life of the toner cartridge has expired. This is mainly due to photosensitive photosensitive drum surface aging, surface potential decreased, the residual voltage increases, affecting the imaging cartridge caused (see the first part of the print principle). Is there any way to get the cartridge back to life? I figured out that the surface of the toner cartridge was a layer of nontoxic organic compound with photoactive properties that would make it conductive when it was under light. Under the guidance of a number of chemical friends, I finally get it with Cr2O3. Method is as follows: Take 5 grams of chromium oxide, dipped in lens paper, Shun Shun cartridge carefully wipe one direction (do not wipe back and forth!) Again, to the drum surface wipe completely, do not miss. Special care should be taken when wiping: gentle, then gentle! You should also pay attention to your nails will scratch the drum tympanic membrane. Through the processing of the photosensitive drum can be re-printed thousands of the first 10,000 pages! What? You can save a lot of money, of course, this method is not necessarily valid.

For example, samsung printer cartridge because of having superior printing performance and convenient operation performance, there are a considerable number of users in the community. However, due to its expensive supplies and its use of the cartridge is very easy to fatigue, when it is tired, the cartridge surface can not be de-energized, the print media will leave a very "heavy" background color, a direct impact on the printing effect .