Why many people do not purchase domestic toners ?

About the toner cartridge, many people will doubt why many domestic consumers prefer to be cheated to buy a lower cost of imitation of the original cartridges are not buying domestic brands. What cause this result on earth?

The vast majority of consumables manufacturers use low-cost sales of printers, high-priced sales of printer supplies. This is not a secret, and the original supplies manufacturers use technical barriers to make the majority of users to buy a printer, but can not afford the printer. This is what has come to it. However, the original cartridge and domestic cartridge really like the above article on these gaps? Even the same print effect?

Then we look at the following data:Third-party testing agencies at home and abroad for the original supplies and compatible consumables comparison test results also show that the original cartridge in the reliability, print quality, optical density and toner adhesion was significantly better than the compatible cartridge. Prior to the hp cf230x toner and non-original cartridge contrast survey showed that HP original cartridge without a malfunction, rather than the original cartridge failure rate as high as 68.3%. Among them, 11.3% was damaged on arrival (DOA), 52.5% of the print quality is poor (LQ). Non-original toner cartridge attachment problems appear chances are seven times the original HP toner cartridge. In the three colors (light gray, dark gray, black) test, the output of non-original cartridge is also much lighter than the HP original cartridge.

The domestic cartridge failure rate as high as 68%, this shocking data undoubtedly the embarrassing situation of the domestic cartridge manufacturers, the emergence of this problem is not just a technical problem, the current state of the art cartridge and the original although the gap, but the gap Not too big either. This series of questions reflects the problem of China's basic industries. In Japan, the precision requirements of molds may need to reach 0.01, while in China, this standard is reduced to 0.1 or even 0.5, even if it is the same. Poor quality compared to others. Price caused the dilemma not only technical problems, there is the price issue. I believe we all know that many good products are sold abroad! In the field of printing supplies, domestic manufacturers are also a lot of cartridge manufacturers do the main foreign orders, and even Shenzhen, a professional manufacturer of printer supplies the main market is foreign. This phenomenon not only caused people's deep thought. .