How to solve the printer cartridges jammed?

Among the total failure of the laser printer, there is a failure is the highest probability of occurrence, that is, the paper jam. Do not underestimate this simple cardboard, many of my friends tend to underestimate this small problem, but eventually get over worthless, serious will damage the laser printer. Jam is a common failure in printing, here we talk about how to deal with the problem of the printer paper jam.


First, the paper problem. A wide range of paper on the market, uneven quality. The paper has fiber or paper adhesion together; the paper is too thin, the weight does not meet the requirement; the paper is curly and irregular; the wrong way to load the paper, these will all have the paper jam phenomenon and will seriously damage the print cartridge. Paper and the right paper.


Second, foreign body blocked

It is a matter of course that there is a foreign body jam in the printer. If there is foreign body, it must be excluded, be sure to turn off the power before removing, and then carefully clean out the foreign body.


Third, the printer sensor failure

In the process of feeding the sensor itself damaged, was dirty toner, dust or paper chips dirty sensor, it will constitute the printer does not work, it will be in the jam situation. In this case, you should first look at the paper feed and discharge check the sensor is not damaged. If found damaged, can only be replaced or repaired. Therefore, we must choose high-quality professional toner, it is best to use the original toner.


Fourth, take the stick wear.

Take the paper stick is the most vulnerable parts of the printer. When the paper in the paper tray is normal, but can not pick up the paper, it is often the pickup roller wear or spring loose, the pressure can not not be fed into the machine paper. Take-up roller wear, temporarily unable to replace the rubber band around the method of emergency treatment. Surrounded rubber band, an increase of pickup friction, will be able to feed paper recovery normal.


Through the above, we should know that the cause of the paper jam is improper use or parts damage, so the printer still have to choose a good cf230a, high quality paper and regular maintenance, cleaning the various components.