How to improve customer’s buying desires?

For printer cartridge, even if the customer has a certain desire to buy, if it is not urgent need for the product, like one cf230a, still will not make the purchase decision, so the sales staff need to take the initiative to seize the opportunity to use the appropriate technology cleverly, successfully stimulate the customer's desire to buy. Weakening the price of the policy in the purchase of products, the most customers consider the factors in addition to the quality of the product itself, often on the high price of the product and scared.

Specifically, the following two ways can be used: "Like" method of purchase: a small amount of the price in a similar form, into a specific life of the customer the necessary number of expenses, and its customers must buy other products equivalent, which in the heart to promote customer acceptance, such as "the laptop price of 6,000 yuan, at least 5 years, then only need to spend 1,200 yuan per, A month is 100 yuan, equivalent to every month and friends gather or buy a dress. This once again reduces the pressure on the price of the product."Less Buy" way to buy: the content and "as" way there is no big difference, but will cause great psychological trauma to customers, such as "the cartridge price of 6,000 yuan, at least use 5 years, then only need to spend 1,200 yuan a year, 100 yuan per month, just like buying a little clothes, no longer go to Internet cafes. Sales staff can take advantage of certain opportunities to describe to customers the potential benefits of not buying products, which can enhance their persuasiveness if they can be based on actual numbers and events.

Using Human Weaknesses Everyone wants to spend less, make more money, be different and be respected, all of which can be a feature that can be leveraged for sales.Spend less and sales staff can promotional, discounts, holiday offers, gift supplies, so that customers spend less to stimulate the desire to buy.