Are you totally understand each parts function of power supply when we use the toner cartridge?

When we use the printer that we should understand how to replace the printer toner even learn how to refill the toner cartridge. In order to make our work more easy that we should understand each parts of power supply clearly. Let us talk about the part of function of power supply as below:

Magnetic roller spacer: Each end of the magnet roller is equipped with one magnetic roller spacer, its role is to control the toner beating gap between the drum and magnetic.

Permanent magnetic core: permanent magnetic core is made of ferrite, it is installed in the magnetic roller sleeve, it is fixed in the middle of the aluminum sleeve and it can’t rotating. When the magnetic roller sleeve carrying toner rotates to the "N" pole of the permanent core, the toner is magnetized to form a toner cloud.

Developing Bias Contact: Provides developing voltage to the magnet roller through the biasing electrode.

Magnetic roller sleeve: Magnetic roller is an important part of the toner carrying, aluminum sleeve surface sprayed with graphite to increase the magnetic roller surface tension, it is better carrying toner, and it will also conducive to toner adsorption to the drum surface.

Bracket: it is support magnetic roller at both ends.

Magnetic roller gear: bite with the drum with the ministry of rotation.

Seal: easy to storage toner powder, we should pull out the seal before use.

Bias Electrode: There are two functions: one is to apply a developing bias to the magnet roller through it, and the other function is to fix the "N" pole of the permanent magnetic core at the position tangential to the photoconductive drum.

Powder cover: injection port seal cover.

Sealing Felt: Seal both ends of the magnet roller to prevent toner from spilling over both sides of the magnet roller and prevent contaminating the printer.

Agitator gear: Rotate the agitator to stir and push the toner.

Magnetic roller scraper: Magnetic roller scraper is made of urea formaldehyde resin, the use of it with the friction force of the magnetic roller so that the toner evenly added to the magnetic roller surface will not cause excessive toner, and it will keep from other impurities isolated.

Toner bin: a place to store the toner.

Transmission gear: Power train for the various components of the powder warehouse

Bunker head: fixed bunker parts, and connected the imaging part.

As above introduction, we can use a sample Brother toner cartridge brother tn 433 to understand each parts.

After introducing the structure of the toner cartridge, I believe we have a basic understanding of the components and functions of the toner cartridge.