Something about toner cartridge in our market

According to the statistics, at present, the total number of all kinds of laser printers in our country is about 18 million sets, 72 million printer toner cartridges are consumed each year, and the national annual cost is about 50 billion yuan (measured by the international printer manufacturers' product prices). Such a huge cartridge market but there are many unknown secret. Foreign brand price high, fake and shoddy rampant


At present, there are two types of toner hp cf217a on the market in China. First, the so-called "original" products produced by foreign printer manufacturers are in a monopoly position in China's toner cartridge market, accounting for about 40% of the total finished products in the market. These manufacturers take the "cheap printer, selling high-priced supplies," the market strategy to occupy the market, making the original cartridge prices have been high, described as "affordable lamp, can not afford foreign oil," the money can buy two cartridge A printer, domestic users are helpless; Second, fake and shoddy products, the number of its market is difficult to estimate, once occupy more than 50% share of the domestic market. Some unscrupulous vendors tempted by huge profits, often using cheap and poor quality parts and raw materials to manufacture counterfeit cartridges as the original cartridge sales to users, deceive users. Such products not only poor quality, but also endanger the health of users, damage to the printer, allowing users to waste big money.


"Powder filling" comparable to "drug addiction," seriously endangering health. In response to foreign high-priced original cartridge products, a considerable part of the user to take the "powder filling" approach, "a newspaper, a screwdriver," "powder filling" operation, often leading to the filling of the toner overflowing to the office Environment, users unwittingly "drug abuse." According to foreign authorities testing reports, the toner particles only 5-15μm, the body inhaled, easily lead to respiratory and blood diseases, and may even cause cancer, CCTV "Today's Saying" and "Safety and Law" are related reports. The use of "powder powder" after the cartridge because there is no professional and technical support, resulting in reduced number of pages printed, print quality, but also damage to the printer, the cost goes up.