How to repair the HP toner cartridge?

Drum life refers to the amount of paper the print cartridge can print on. The larger the amount of printable paper, the longer the cartridge life. Drum length of life is determined by the drum. For small and medium-sized office users who are facing a daunting print job, they should be willing to pay more for higher monthly print loads (over 10,000 pages) and long-life cartridges (up to 20,000 pages) - both of which are higher The reliability of the models are generally more prominent, or moving cardboard and even "lying fossa," frequent replacement of the cartridge will greatly reduce printing efficiency, increase maintenance and overall printing costs

Remedy with chemical reagents HP CF500A toner cartridge for a long time to use, the output of the text, the image will be blurred, the end of the gray and glyphs become longer and longer, the reason is generally HP photosensitive surface of the drum cartridge aging, surface Potential drop, the residual voltage increases. Encounter this situation, it is generally considered only replace the HP toner cartridge. In actual fact, the maintenance practice tells us that in such cases, the following methods can also be used to repair: To the chemical reagents store to buy some chromium oxide, each take 3-5 grams, with cotton wool dipped in some trioxide Two chrome, down the direction of the HP toner cartridge axis, gently, evenly, without any omission to wipe it again. Use extreme care when wiping to prevent fingernail and other hard objects from scratching HP's print cartridge. Can not be over-exerted, to prevent the HP cartridge worn out.

HP print cartridge scrapped. In this way, you can get rid of the surface of the tired HP toner cartridge, exposing the photosensitive surface has not yet aging, after the above repair HP toner cartridge, in general, can be re-exported a thousand or two thousandth of the paper, so that HP CF510A life can be extended, may wish A try. However, if the photosensitive drum on the HP toner film has come off, this method can not be repaired, only to replace the new drum. In addition, in order to prevent the fatigue of the photosensitive material of HP toner cartridge, if the conditions of the user, you can use two drum rotation, HP toner cartridge will not use wrapped in black paper, placed in the shade, after a period of recovery Work, so take turns using HP toner cartridges, not only to ensure print quality, but also extend the life of HP toner cartridges.