The HP toner cartridge replacement methods and precautions

As an important part of the laser printer, HP toner cartridge rated life of 6000 to 10000 in general. When you find the printed image light, uneven shades, and non-transfer corona electrode and toner and other causes, it is the end of life HP toner cartridge should be replaced. The following on the commonly used toner hp cf217a, for example, to introduce HP toner cartridge replacement method:

First of all, to cut off the power of the printer, remove the cartridge from the printer, and then use the diagonal pliers to clamp the side of the metal pin, Be careful to pull out (or nail the metal pin into the cartridge, the metal pin can be removed after opening the cartridge), the two sides of the metal pin can be pulled out after the cartridge is divided into two parts, a light blue photosensitive selenium One is the collecting part of the waste toner, while the one with the magnet roller is the feeding part.

And then unscrew the part of the magnetic roller without gear on the side of the powder supply. After the plastic shell is removed, a plastic cover can be seen, the plastic cover is opened, the toner inside the toner cartridge and the magnetic roller are all cleaned, Be sure to clean up all the remaining toner, the best vacuum cleaner net. Then the magnet roller just installed in the reverse order, this time the force should hold the magnet roller, to prevent the magnet roller from the place. Shake the toner and slowly poured into the powder storage bin, a good plastic cover and plastic shell should pay attention to the semicircle on the end of the magnetic roller shaft and semicircular hole on the plastic shell is good. Gently turn the magnet roller side of the gear a few times, the toner evenly.

Now it's the most important step - replace the new HP toner cartridge. The waste toner collection part fixed HP toner cartridge fixed pin pulled out with a diagonal pliers, Note: You can not nail the fixing pin into the cartridge, pull out the fixed pin after the old HP cartridge removed, and then, the waste toner collection part The waste toner clean up. By disassembly in reverse order to put a new HP toner cartridge, HP toner cartridge installation should pay attention to is about the points, there will be gears on the side butt groove fitted. Then fix the pin to fix the HP toner cartridge. Buy a new HP toner cartridge with a black anti-exposure seal, do not tear before installation, to prevent exposure, to be installed before the test can be torn off. Finally, part of the powder supply and waste toner collected by the location of the recovery installation, restore the metal card pin on both sides, you can start printing.