How To Securely Print a Document in an HP Printer?

Talking about HP printer and hp printer cartridges, many people would said Laserjet P3015 and CE255A/55A Compatible Toner Cartridges. After we choose good quality HP CF226X, we also know to how to securely print a document.

Remember the news regarding the tech blogger by the name Adam Howard and how discovered that there are more than 86,800 HP printers that can be easily accessed through a “quick, well crafted Google search” he made. The news itself was bothering but HP had always been encouraging its users and customers to protect their printer through placing firewalls, passwords and providing network credentials only to their trusted parties, to avoid such occurrences.

But how can you exactly be sure that you have done the proper measures to be sure that you have securely printed a document in your HP printer? Well, below are the steps, or rather general process, on how to securely print a document in your HP printer as provided by ENX Magazine.

How To Securely Print a Document in an HP Printer

Step 1 – On the file menu, click “Print.”
Step 2 – Click “Properties”, and then click on the “Destination” tab.
Step 3 – Under “Destination” features, select “Job Retention” and then click on “Options”.
Step 4 – Under the “Job Retention Mode”, select “Print Job”.
Step 5 – Enter your name, assign a name to the print job, and then enter your 4 digit pin code.
Step 6 – Go to printer, select job and enter pin code.
These procedures are basically given to make sure that end-users can print securely. On the other hand though, there are still many threats that can penetrate the system and put your document system at risk, so as suggested, the companies which uses network printers should be able to monitor and manage their printing environment by simply protecting their documents, protecting the information such as encrypting print jobs or using embedded security (IPSec) to protect the datas being shared over the cloud. It is also prudent to“use a lock that requires a key to remove the lock and the printer”and“control access to the device by requiring authentication and authorization for access to device settings and functions.”