How is the Laser toner cartridges work?

The printer came to our life in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it brought users the affordable and reliable office printer with replaceable cheapest place to buy printer toner. With the technology further improvement, the cost reductions also and it help the laser printer be introduced a much larger segment of the population. It is including the home user. Since then, the laser printer has proven to be a remarkably dependable and cost efficient tool for our work and life
However, even we use the printer every day, it looks a little difficult to understand how is the laser printer work and how is the toner cartridge work. Today, we can understand the work principle as follow aspects. It is including: Information Transfer; Initial Toner Transfer; Secondary Transfer; Fusing and Cleaning and Color Copiers.
1. The Information is sent to the printer from a computer or other device. After that, A portion of this information is then converted by a Raster Image Processor (RIP) into a line of code this process should be repeated so many times until the entire image is completed.
2. The toner has been transfer to the page by laser toner cartridge. it is accomplished using electricity and the electrical properties of the toner itself. That is what the meaning of page yield. Such as Brother DR630, the page yield is 12,000 Pages 5% Coverage (Letter/A4). It represents the toner cartridge service life. We can measure it when we purchase the toner cartridge. Secondary Transfer
3. Once the toner is on the photoreceptor belt, the toner will be travels past a second belt, it is a paper as medium, the toner is then transferred onto the paper, under the pressure or another electrical charge, the emanating will be sent to paper.
4. The next step is heating the toner so that it remains permanently affixed to the paper. This is an important step, the toner will simply wipe off if it is not properly fused. It is easy to find if the toner not properly fused, it may make our clothes dirty and words unclearly.